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Professional product photos

Best quality for online and print

Your products deserve the best photos, videos and interactive animations

Do you have a product portfolio that demands high-quality visuals? In the world of online sales it is becoming increasingly important for retailers and manufacturers to present products with high-quality images and perfectly crafted visuals. Consumers demand it, advertisers need it and social media users won’t pay attention without it. To produce these captivating visuals, online sellers need things like background removal, box shots, 360 degree animations, video spins and social media clips. Attractive, realistic and artistic product shots greatly enhance conversion rates and help boost sales at POS or via online retail.

19 $*


Photos for e-commerce

  • 8 images basic set
  • Top view & sole photo
  • Background removal
  • 2500+ similar, simple items per year (e.g. shoes)
89 $*


Advanced Package

  • 8 images set incl. retouching
  • Background removal
  • 360° interactive spin (24)
  • 5 different output formats
  • 250+ similar articles per year (e.g. household articles)
300 $*


All Marketing Visuals

  • 12 images set incl. retouching
  • Background removal
  • 5 photos for social media
  • 5 Animated GIFs
  • 360° video in front of white
  • Social media clip in 3 formats (16:9, 1:1 & 9:16)
  • 100+ similar products

All services at a glance

  • Images and Interactive

  • Standard photo sets (6-16 images)
  • Top view and bottom view
  • 360° interactive (12-72 rotation)
  • Multiple 360° planes vertical
  • Macro detail shot
  • Post processing

  • Arbitrary output formats
  • Naming and postprocessing
  • Background removal
  • Retouching
  • Artificial shadow
  • Video and 3D

  • Animated GIFs
  • 4k 360° video on white
  • 360° transparent video
  • Social media (various formats)
  • Creation of real 3D data (.obj)
* All prices are per product in net plus VAT (where applicable). Additional services such as the preparation of your products (ironing, removal of heavy soiling), special formats or animations, staging or oversize (machines, furniture, cars) will be discussed with you in advance and taken into account in our individual offer. Quantity discounts are of course possible.

Digital Assets Tailored to all marketplaces and web platforms

Regardless of the demands of the platform - we can deliver. All photos and videos are output in the customer specified resolutions, background colors, accepted file formats, with and without shadows and in appropriate file structures. Thus it is possible to use the product images and videos from our service for merchandise management systems, online marketing campaigns and also lookbooks. It is also possible to name a product differently in order to comply with all marketplace guidelines.

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you

Whatever you sell online, we are ready to capture it. Our innovative solutions and exceptional customer service will help your products stand out from the competition. Let us know the average size of your products, the desired output formats and the scope of your product portfolio so that we can process your request effectively.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, especially before a purchase

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  • Contact request

    Send us a request via the form and we will reach out. Ideally, you can provide approximate dimensions of your product, a brief description, the number of products or variations to be captured and the type of media requested.

  • Quotation

    We will contact you immediately and create an individual offer based on your requirements while answering any and all questions you have. If you are satisfied with this, we will move to a written offer and scheduling.

  • Product Shipment

    You can send your products to our studios or bring them personally. With the latter option, you can get to know us, better understand our capabilities and inform us of any additional requirements. We currently operate studios in the United States, Germany and Switzerland.

  • Creation of the images

    After visually checking and, if necessary, preparing the products, we start capturing, performing digital post-processing and optimizing each image to the desired format. If the product or client is new, we perform remote review sessions to ensure the output meets all requirements.

  • Delivery

    After just a few days, you will receive the finished images and video recordings digitally. If you would like to have additional formats, we are happy to create any additional content as an add-on after the shoot.

  • A personal touch

    During the order, capture and delivery process you will have a fixed contact person at PI who is responsible for your product shoot. If you are not satisfied with the result or have a request regarding the format, product presentation or digital preparation, you will be in direct contact with our specialist.

Major companies have been trusting us for years

Long-standing and personal business relationships have contributed directly to the success of our business partnerships. We are very proud to maintain intensive cooperation with our customers. This bridge between sales and consulting allows us to help optimize workflows as our clients* needs change and grow. There are always ways to improve quality and maximize throughput in any process.

*Selection from our list of customers


Will my product be returned?

If you wish, your photographed products can be picked up personally or returned by a shipping company. Alternatively, we will dispose of the goods or send them to a charitable organization with your authorization.

How long does it take to create the product photos and other media?

Depending on the agreed upon timeline and order volume, it generally takes one week from arrival of the goods in our photo studio to final delivery. In the case of new clients or products, this timeline will be extended and may include a review session. We have options for expedited service where needed.

Why are the prices so different?

Our pricing depends on the volume of the order, the size of the product, the preparation time and the amount of digital post-processing required. The pricing also changes if video production or animations are included. We have broken down the pricing by product size and output format on our website for illustration purposes.

I have special format and design requests, can you fulfill them?

With pleasure. Just share your ideas with us during the planning phase and we will send you an individual and non-binding offer with your requests included.

If I don't like the result - do I have the possibility of a revision?

Of course. We will discuss each step individually to make sure you get the exact output you need for your business.

Can I contact your photographers directly?

Of course! During the period of cooperation you are in direct contact with our specialists and can discuss and clarify your wishes, questions, suggestions and comments directly.

What equipment do you use?

Designed to capture, post-process and optimize your product images, the Picture Instruments product photography studio is on the cutting edge of technology.

Whether you need fashion with a ghost mannequin (hollow man), layered goods, flat lays, shoes, jewelry closeups or box shots - we have the right hardware for all types of products. With the PI photography service your products can stand out from any competition.

Thanks to our automated processes and years of knowledge and experience, we can produce high-quality product photos from any angle, focal length or perspective. Even if you have thousands of individual items we can deliver quickly, in the desired format, with guaranteed consistency. Stop searching for a solution and start selling.

Depending on the product type we use different sized studio environments, turntables, exposures, lighting and prop setups. Everything we do takes into account the respective product-specific lighting concepts and format requirements.

Software made in Germany: Our specially developed software allows for customized post-processing of all images. The finest details and and maximum color depth in both photos and video are guaranteed to impress.

Expertise and passion for over 25 years

Picture Instruments is an organically grown company from the heart of Germany. For years we have been passionately dedicated to digital photography, image processing and video capture. As Picture Instruments has grown, we have built a dedicated community of clients that range from independent artists to multi-national corporations. Whether building consumer facing software or industry specific photography robots, our team is obsessed with pixels. You can find our products and projects in renowned photography magazines or through webinars and workshops as well as in the Adobe ecosystem.

Passion may motivate us but software development is the driving engine of Picture Instruments. With over 100,000 satisfied clients and an interconnected product portfolio, we look forward to the challenges of tomorrow. One of our specialties is adapting to the unique needs of our clients and their respective industries. From the automotive industry to fashion, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of known techniques and processes. This allows us to both sell great products AND deliver the highest quality services.