Software and hardware for e-commerce

Do you want to take photos in-house and save time and money? Or are you struggling with tens of thousands of photos that are provided to you in different formats? In the “E-Commerce” section of our website, you will find all the tools you need to speed up your day-to-day product photography and help you gain the trust of your customers with a consistent appearance.

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Software for creatives

In contrast to the large “all in one” solutions, Picture Instruments offers you special software tools with which you can optimize your workflow, simplify processes related to working with photos and videos and achieve image results that you cannot achieve with standard programs. The focus is on saving time and achieving the best image results thanks to innovative algorithms.

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About Picture Instruments

Since Picture Instruments was founded in 2009, the German company has been developing plugins and standalone software for photo and video editing. The team first gained major attention with the release of the world's first software for automated background removal using luminance masks. Top-class collaborations and the Adobe Dev Partnership motivate the team to work tirelessly on well-structured, intuitive and visually appealing solutions that speed up the image editing workflow.

Due to recurring customer requests for all-in-one solutions, the next step was to develop the appropriate hardware for our background removal software, which enables a fully automated product photography process. In addition, image processing using AI now offers many new possibilities, which we use to develop tools with which tens of thousands of images can be processed automatically.

The following customers trust Picture Instruments

Every customer has different needs. Due to our wide range of product photography and image processing solutions, our customer base is also diverse. The following customers use Picture Instruments software and/or hardware:

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