How to Achieve this Look

The Secrets of Color Grading

Looking for a high-end look for your production? You want to get inspired for your next film or photo project? Then you've come to the right place! Sit back and let our "How to Achieve this Look" tutorials show you how to create professional looks with simple tools in just a few steps.

Do you like the looks from our "How to Achieve this Look" series? Of course you can download all looks as 3D LUTs here. Want to improve your color grading? Next to the LUTs the download includes the complete preset of the look, so you can experiment with your own footage while watching the video.

Cine Tones

The cinema screen flickers in subdued light, while the green shimmer of the film bathes the scenery in a fascinating spectacle of colors. The rich palette of skin tones looks particularly expressive in this light. The scene is enveloped in an atmosphere of melancholy and elegance, while the green tones create a mysterious mood that captivates the audience.
Gratis LUT

Retro Look

The evidence of last night lingers but you're already on the hunt for the next adventure. Whether you're shooting an urban thriller or a rural romantic comedy, this flat retro look will transport your audience from the digital present to a slightly blurred past.
Gratis Preset & LUT

Teal and Orange Look

You are completely absorbed in your work and it's so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The dominant turquoise of this look reveals the concentration in the air. But to keep your viewers from becoming alarmed, the skin tones bring warmth back into the image, creating a nice complementary contrast that robs your images of any tension.
Gratis Preset & LUT

Film Look

You are building a coming of age story set in American West and need just the right color mix. This warm, high contrast look will give your footage an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of the pioneers of this genre shot on film in the 70s.
Gratis Preset & LUT

Warm Beach Look

Ending a wonderful day with your loved ones on the beach - these are the moments we want to remember forever. Our Warm Beach Look highlights the evening sun and bathes your pictures in golden light for an emotional look you will never forget.
Gratis Preset & LUT

Geo Look

Crystal clear water, bright blue sky, white sand and lush green palm trees. These are the colors that make us think of deserted islands and exotic adventures. With this high-contrast look, your pictures glow and the Caribbean air feels impossibly close.
Gratis Preset & LUT

Poppy Beach Look

Lazy sunshine, a fruity cocktail on the beach and the roaring sea in the background. Life at its most carefree. To make your images reflect this joie de vivre, this look bathes the sky in vivid turquoise and gives your subjects a copper sunlit complexion. Watch the video now and see for yourself how the whole look comes together with a crisp film contrast.
Gratis Preset & LUT

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