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Version History

New in version 2.0.10

  • Improved license regognition in offline mode
  • Minor bugfixes

New in version 2.0.9

  • Support for transparencies in background images
  • Minor bugfixes

New in version 2.0.0

  • Color management and ICC-profile support
  • PRO: Automatic save (immediately after loading or just before loading a new image)
  • PRO: Individual brush masks can optional be adopted to a new image
  • PRO: Interprocess communication with our software Serial Shot (an individual software for mass photography - currently only available with automatic photography systems, will be available separately soon)
  • Opacity control of semitransparent areas (mid slider at the black and white point histogram)
  • Desaturate Key (when Recover Colors leaves a color tint because of an unclean key color)
  • Optionally disregard Key Corrections in areas where the white brush was applied.
  • LUT intensity control
  • Individually memorize possibly loaded background image including blur factor and LUT as well as the position and scale factor of the foreground image related to the background image, for each image
  • PNG compression control
  • Support for additional image file formats
  • Faster image calculation algorithms
  • Navigator area can be collapsed
  • Adjustable mouse wheel sensitivity
  • Multilingual user interface with tooltips
  • Retina display support on Windows 10
  • Minor bugfixes

Customer Reviews

Michael Quack


"After excellent experiences with the Mask Integrator software I was keen to see how good movements would be rendered with the Chroma Mask variant. Combined with the short flash durations of my Expert D flash heads this worked from start. The new algorithm did not leave even the tiniest trace of green spill."

In the Media

Pictures Magazin 7-8 2016 Chroma Mask Chroma Mask

Pictures 7-8 2016 (DE)

Pictures Magazin 7-8 2016 Chroma Mask Chroma Mask

Pictures 7-8 2016 (DE)

Photo Presse 09 2016 Chroma Mask Chroma Mask

Photo Presse 09 2016 (DE)

Advantages of the Pro-Version over the Basic-Version

The following features are only available in the Pro-Version:

  • Option to carry brush masks into a new image
  • "Auto Save" feature (immediately after loading or before loading a new image)
  • Inter-process communication with Serial Shot (Chroma Mask can be controlled remotely with the software Serial Shot. This includes the ability to transfer images, presets, commands and status information. Serial Shot is also able to open and close its own instance of Chroma Mask if necessary. Until now Serial Shot is only available in combination with automated shooting systems but will be available separately soon.)

A license for version 1 equals the Basic option of version 2. It can be upgraded to the Pro-Version by purchasing the upgrade.


Chroma Mask is THE software for masking and cropping using Chroma Key. It can automatically mask and crop the subject already while shooting and display the cropped subject in front of a new background. You can save color corrections along with a background as a "theme" so spontaneous motto-shoots are always possible. Besides using the popular green and blue background for masking Chroma Key also lets you key using the red channel. This is usually avoided in people photography since skin tones are rich in reds but it can be a great solution for shooting products that feature a lot of blue or green.


  • Remove a green, blue or red background automatically while still shooting
  • Our special color spill correction removes colored reflections caused by the background and recovers the original color of the subject
  • Easy adjustment of the mask in edge mode
  • 3D LUT support for color grading the subject (e.g. to match the background)
  • Save the background image along with the 3D LUT as a "theme"
  • Blur the background image
  • Automatically detect, load and mask new images for tethered shootings

Compared with our well-established masking software Mask Integrator, Chroma Mask has advantages as well as disadvantages. It is therefore advisable to carefully choose between those two applications.

Chroma Keys' advantages over masking with backlight

  • The image containing the subject is also the image used for the cut out mask using the color channel. A fast moving subject or blowing hair presents no problem.
  • By using a colored infinity cove it is very easy to mask subjects from top to bottom.
  • Shadows cast by the subject can be transferred to the new background by using a lighter compression of the tone values.

Chroma Keys' disadvantages compared to masking with backlight

  • Extremely fine details like fur or hair can be masked better using backlight photography.
  • A backlit image usually has a better contrast than a single color channel and therefore allows for softer transitions at the edges or when using semi-transparent materials.

Preferred applications for Chroma Mask:

  • Shooting a subject for another background (compositing)
  • Motto Shoots
  • Photo Booth
  • Product Photography
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