Theme Wheel Full Color Grading with just one wheel

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Color grading - easier and better than LUTs

Do you find it difficult to create a look from scratch? Does choosing the best LUT from thousands of options annoy you? Then you've come to the right place! Even as an experienced color grader, the Theme Wheel plugin helps you find the right look for the desired mood with just a few clicks.

Inspire Wheel(included)
Cine Tones - Part of PI Essentials Pack

How the Theme Wheel plugin works

Color grading with the Theme Wheel is very simple. First you decide on a basic mood and select the appropriate theme. A theme is a color wheel (e.g. cinematic, colorful or cold looks) on which countless looks are stored. The look changes seamlessly as you operate the intuitive control wheel. You can try out numerous variations of popular looks in just a few seconds until you find a perfect match for your image. The large control wheel allows you to work with great precision. If you're not sure which basic mood best suits your picture, use the basic theme for inspiration.

Teal and Orange - Part of PI Essentials Pack
Sunset Tones - Part of PI Essentials Pack

The workflow in Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and FCPX

For video programs you will find the plugin in the effects section and can drag it onto any clip. In the effect settings, you can then open the user interface (GUI) and work intuitively with the color grading wheel. The set look is saved in your session so that you can adjust it again at any time. Keyframe animations are also an option if you want to work with them. You can always find the plugin in the filter menu in Photoshop. If you apply Theme Wheel to a Smart Object, a Smart Filter is automatically created so that you can work non-destructively.

Pure Emotions - Part of PI Essentials Pack
Cold Tones - Part of PI Essentials Pack

Who is Theme Wheel suitable for?

The plugin is equally suitable for amateur filmmakers, ambitious amateurs and seasoned professionals. Whether you are a filmmaker, freelancer, video producer, Youtuber, vlogger, colorist, photographer or Photoshop artist, with Theme Wheel you can find the right look in seconds.. Boring and unprofessional color gradings are no longer a concern. For beginners it's the shortcut to professional color grading, for professionals it's a valuable tool to save time.

Earth Tones - Part of PI Essentials Pack
Purple Tones - Part of PI Essentials Pack

Advantages at a glance

  • Intuitive workflow (find the right look quickly and purposefully)
  • Professional results without prior knowledge (colors and skin tones are harmoniously coordinated)
  • No training required
  • Avoid beginner mistakes (all looks are perfectly coordinated)
  • No LUTs necessary (no annoying comparison of dozens of similar looks)
Faded Films - Part of PI Essentials Pack
Vivid Yellows - Part of PI Essentials Pack

How the Theme Wheel plugin was created

With more that 20 years combined experience in color grading, we asked our team to look at existing tools, presets and LUT packages and answer a simple question - what is broken? Even with significant experience, we know it is usually time-consuming to develop a coherent look from scratch. That's why professionals often resort to LUTs and presets. Due to the oversupply of cheap and free looks, your collection can quickly grow to a size where it's no longer fun to find the right option among hundreds. In addition, it is not a guarantee that a purchased or freely downloaded LUT has been professionally created. This means it can produce artifacts such as banding and tonal breaks. In video editing, this can be a particularly annoying problem if the LUT looks good on one still image, but the colors and tonal values change over the course of the clip. We were looking for a solution where you only have to choose between a few looks/styles, but end up with infinite outcomes and possibilities. That's when the idea for Theme Wheel was born. We believe results should always look professional and should never contain any technical errors. Enjoy your journey to the perfect look, we hope you have as much fun with our plugin as we do!

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