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Version History

Version 1.1.0

  • Supports converting the "Dehaze" feature now.

Version 1.0.8

  • Bugfix: In some cases the Lightroom parameter for the lights was not converted.

Version 1.0.7

  • Improved Curves conversion since the curves algorithm is different in Lightroom and Capture One
  • Now you can also convert old Lightroom Presets (process version 2 and earlier)
  • More presets from different manufactures are supported now

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed a crash with gradient based corrections in .lrtemplate presets

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed a crash when overwriting Stylepacks

Version 1.0.1

  • Official release version

Customer reviews

Christian Klein

Ela & Chris - Photographers

"Tried it, it hacked even the elaborate VSCO Presets... couldn't believe it first, but it works... and as pro photog I need something that just works - and this one does!"

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Convert Lightroom Presets into Capture One Styles

Presets are a great starting point for editing images. There are many creative photographers who make their Lightroom presets available for other photographers either for purchase or for free. Oftentimes these presets are the result of many years of experience.

Compared to the supply of Lightroom presets, there are significantly less styles available for Capture One (in Capture One the multi-tool presets are called "styles").

With Preset Converter it is now worth to browse through the large number of Lightroom presets available because with Preset Converter you can easily convert them into individual Capture One styles or into Capture One stylepacks with just a few clicks.


Since Adobe Lightroom and Capture One differ fundamentally in their RAW-conversion there are a few technical hurdles that we want to be clear and honest about. Many Lightroom features cannot be converted 1:1 to Capture One since there sometimes is no equivalent feature in Capture One. In those cases the values will be transferred to another feature depending on the optical criteria. In our experience, this leads to similar results in most cases. They will certainly never be 100% identical due to different image processing algorithms. But since every image has a different exposure and since a preset usually only marks the starting point for editing, those differences are usually not very relevant.

Lightroom Preset:

Converted Capture One Style:

While it may be irritating that the results in the images can differ after the conversion, such discrepancies can usually be adjusted manually quite quickly in Capture One which is certainly simpler and quicker than manually recreating the entire preset. The greatest source of error is already eliminated when all white balance settings have been relegated from the preset.

You can find more information on which settings may cause discrepancies in the operating manual.


  • Large choice of Lightroom presets usable in Capture One
  • Presets created by users can easily be transferred and then used in Capture One
  • Any number of presets can be converted (even simultaneously)
  • No need for painstaking recreation, especially for gradation curves
  • Conversion of .xmp or .lrtemplate presets
  • Creation of individual styles (.costyle) or stylepacks (.costylepack)
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