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Spyder Checkr and Master Match tips and tricks

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different Spyder Checkr models
  • Avoiding mistakes while shooting
  • Fix color corrections when individual fields are covored
  • Color adjustments without brightness/contrast adjustments
  • Custom color adjustment templates in Master Match
  • What if the Spyder Checkr was completely forgotten?
  • Crazy color simulations

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Align multiple photo and video cameras incl. log footage

  • Uniform looks across cameras for wedding photographers
  • Shooting commercial video with any camera mix
  • Private photo books and collections with a uniform look
  • Adopt the look of one camera to another

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Neutralizing cameras

  • For e-commerce and repro photography
  • The color calibrated workflow
  • Illumination and positioning of color charts
  • Reference colors in Master Match
  • RAW or JPG
  • Using color correction in Lightroom and Capture One/li>
  • Applying color correction in video programs such as Premiere, After Effects or FCPX

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The complete color management workflow | German only

In this two-hour webinar, Jochen Kohl will go through all the steps you need for a color-consistent workflow during a live shoot. He will cover everything related to camera and printer settings. This includes lighting, calibrating monitors, creating color profiles and the general behavior of light in the digital space. In the end, we all want our prints to match what we see in camera and on our monitors. Jochen is here to make this easy.
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Speed up Photoshop? These 6 tools make it possible

Find out how you can speed up your everyday Photoshop work with our new Toolbox plugin. Become a high-end beauty retoucher with just a few brush strokes or create 20 banner templates for your customers with just one click. Even if you are a black and white fan, you will love the tool with the original Ilford filters.
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Flash meets available light

Use the flash correctly, mix it in a balanced way with available light or let one of the two deliberately dominate.
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Use photo filters for videos

Increase your recognition value and emphasize your style by using the same look for your photos and videos. Jochen Kohl shows you a practical workflow you can use for both photo and video editing to create a unified portfolio that will be remembered.
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Tilt and Shift for Landscape, Food and People

In this episode Jochen Kohl shows you how you can always correctly align your landscape shots, as well as food and people photos, using tilt and shift lenses.
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Live Portrait Shooting

During a live shoot you learn how Jochen Kohl sets the light for a portrait and how he creatively edits the photos in Photoshop with the Picture Instruments plugins.
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Photographing with the Smartphone

Nothing can replace a professional camera, but the best camera is the one you always have with you. In this episode, Jochen explains how you can turn your smartphone photos into expressive fine art prints with skilful lighting and creative image processing.
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