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Picture Instruments Toolbox is a new UXP plugin for Photoshop. UXP plugins are available in Photoshop version 22 and higher and can be managed directly within Photoshop. You can find them in the Photoshop main menu under the entry "Plugins". Via "Browse Plugins" you will be forwarded to the Marketplace of the Creative Cloud Desktop App where you can search for "Picture Instruments". Learn more about the new Adobe UXP technology here.


These tools get you faster to your goal in Photoshop

Picture Instruments Toolbox is a plugin collection within a plugin. The different tools simplify complex and time-consuming tasks so that you can achieve your creative goals quickly and professionally.

Below you will find detailed information about each tool:

All tools at a glance

Find out what you can achieve with our toolbox.

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Skin Purifier

Convincing beauty retouching with a few brush strokes

The skin of a model should look perfect, but it should also look natural. Nowadays wedding pictures and social media pictures have to be treated the same way as a picture for a magazine cover. The established methods of beauty retouching in Photoshop are complex and can quickly become very time consuming. Whether high end beauty retouching or natural skin structure, you can harmonize skin pores with just a few brush strokes and even very impure skin is no longer a challenge for you with the Skin Purifier.

Mark Up Tool

Communicate change requests quickly within the team

Constant requests to change something and comments on photos and graphics are part of everyday work for self-employed photographers, graphic designers or members of a creative team. There are often countless meetings and corrections between the first version and the final result. Whether you want to mark something with the brush or draw a frame, you will find all the necessary tools pre-configured in the Mark Up tool. This way you can quickly communicate your improvement suggestions and you have more time for other things.

Banner Generator

The 20 most important banner formats with just one click

Everyone who frequently deals with banner advertising knows how time-consuming it is to adapt a design to the different banner formats. With the Banner Generator you skip a lot of this work. With just one click you can generate up to 20 different banner formats, which are created in Photosho artboards. This way you have all banners in one document. For standard elements like the background, your logo, a button and up to three images, the plugin can automatically create smart objects as placeholders in each banner. This way you can edit these elements in all artboards at the same time.

Luminosity Masks

Clever luminosity masks with one click

Luminosity masks are a popular technology to optimize landscape or architectural images or to merge the different elements in complex photo compositions. Never before has it been possible to select the brightness ranges of an image as intuitively as with Luminosity Masks. The chosen selection can be used manually or as a layer mask.

K2 Fine Art Master

This tool guides you through the process of print preparation

When it comes to print preparation, even professionals struggle which settings lead to the best print result. How do I sharpen my images optimally for printing and what is the best rendering intent for printing my image? We have put all the expert knowledge of Jochen Kohl into the K2 Fine Art Master module to help you with all these questions. The tool allows you to prepare images for brilliant print results even without in-depth knowledge. The K2 Fine Art Master module has already demonstrated its power in an impressive way. Jochen from the K2 Studio used this tool to optimize the print file which he printed to achieve the Guinness World Record for the longest digitally printed photograph in the world in 2020 for Canon, Ilford and the Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel.

Ilford - Black and White Developer

The original Ilford black and white filters

Ilford has always been a synonym for black and white photography with a strong character. You can't just desaturate the image to create expressive black and white images. Thus we have developed a new method to transfer analog looks into the digital world to give the digital black and white filters in our plugin the distinctive Ilford character. The original Ilford black and white filters can only be found in this plugin! Furthermore this module provides you with paper structures from the original Ilford gallery papers. With the Ilford Black and White Developer module you can create real artwork for your gallery even from mobile phone snapshots.

I'm excited to see how well Picture Instruments can combine multiple tools within a single plugin. A great example for the versatile possibilities that can be realized with the new developer tools for Photoshop.

Ingo Eichel
Sr. Manager, Creative Cloud Ecosystem Development