Software for Creative Image Editing

Professional color grading in just 5 minutes, matching cameras from different manufacturers and high-end beauty retouching with just a few brushstrokes. Are these topics of interest to you? You can do anything in Photoshop if you know how! If you are creative and work with programs such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, FCPX or After Effects, then this is the right place for you. From compositing and graphic design to video editing, our plugins and standalone tools simplify your workflow so that you can complete your tasks quickly and professionally.

Ilford Film Developer

With the Ilford Film Developer photographed film negatives can be converted easily and in high quality into normal images (positives).

Tiny Tools

Accelerates the daily workflow in Adobe Photoshop with many useful tools and new functions that have never been available before.

Theme Wheel

Full Color Grading with just one wheel. Decide on a theme and fine-tune your look. It's easier than working with LUTs.

Creator Bundle

Benefit from numerous innovative image editing tools and plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom Classic and Final Cut Pro X. With these tools, complicated tasks and workarounds are a thing of the past.

Overlay Effects Starter Pack

This overlay pack contains three overlays for Lightroom that will make your images shine. To perfectly match the effects to your images, you also get the useful plugin for further editing.

Overlay Effects Lens Flares

With this package, you'll not only get 20 impressive lens flare overlay effects but also a powerful Lightroom plugin to perfectly adjust the effects.

PiXimperfect Signature

This free plugin simplifies the digitizing of signatures, stamps or sketches. This way you can use them flexibly, separated from the background.

Master Match

Advanced Color Matching System. No matter whether you want to match cameras, adapt any certain look, or simply extract the look out of a before after comparison, this is your solution

PiXimperfect Compositing

This plugin, which we developed in cooperation with Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfekt, contains all the important techniques and tricks to create impressive compositings with ease.

Trulyscene Artbox

The plugin for digital painting in Photoshop. Simply combine the brushes and effects included in the plugin to create an individual painting every time.

Multi-Platform FilterPack
Traveler Teal & Orange

Electrifying red-orange tones and calming petrol give your pictures this famous look inspired by Sam Kolder.

Creative Looks

Let yourself be inspired and discover new looks at the push of a button. If you like a look, you can adjust the key elements, such as sky blue or plant green, with individual sliders.


The plugin for clean an detailed ultra sharp images with more depth. APF‑R is a special technique used by the Hubble Space Telescope team, among others.

Picture Instruments Toolbox

This plugin collection offers different tools for various tasks that creative people have to solve every day in Photoshop. Even complex and time-consuming goals can be achieved quickly and professionally with this plugin.

Skin Tone Adjust

This plugin is specifically designed for editing skin tones in Lightroom. With it, you'll always have skin tones under control, no matter what the skin color.

Preset Adjust

Develop your own style without much effort: With this plugin you can optimize your presets specifically for your photos without touching every single Lightroom slider separately.

Section Adjust

Customize your Lightroom presets section by section. The plugin allows you to quickly remove unwanted effects so that presets only need to be saved in one strength.

Docma Freistellen

This Photoshop plugin which we developed in cooperation with the leading German Photoshop magazine Docma simplifies the background removal process.

Warping Wheels

Color Wheels with skin tone protection and dedicated wheel controls for skin, sky, greenery and film contrast. With the Look Generator you find always a good starting point for your look.

Preset Converter

Thanks to Preset Converter, Capture One users can now also benefit from the large selection of Lightroom presets. With three clicks, presets are converted into Capture One styles.

Image 2 LUT

Image 2 LUT allows you to create a look from any source image and either apply it to a target image or save it as a 3D LUT.

LUT Mixer

This plugin gives you completely new possibilities when working with LUTs. Let your creativity run wild, combine your LUTs and create new and unique looks.

Color Cone

Get full control over the colors in your image and bend the color space. The must have for color grading, color correction and creating looks for photo and film!

Look Converter

The Look Converter lets you create filters as well as copy them from other software applications and convert them into the 3D LUT formats .3dl .cube and .mga.

Fast Resize

Fast Resize lets you resize single images or entire folders with just a few clicks so you can then send them in an email for instance.

Smart GPS Sync

Geotagging via GPX sync or without GPS tracker. Smart GPS Sync transfers GPS data from your smartphone photos to all photos in your camera or assigns them specific latitude and longitude information.

Sort 'n' Rename

Sort ’n’ Rename is the most flexible tool for renaming files.

Time Fix

With Time Fix it is very easy to correct wrong time stamps and timezone information in the EXIF-Tags of your pictures.

Chroma Mask

You take the pictures and have Chroma Mask extract the photographed subjects "on the fly" while also removing the color spill. Works i.e. with greenscreen or bluescreen.