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All-rounder Photoshop plugin - Now with 12 instead of 6 modules


The most useful tools for Photoshop in one plugin
With the Toolbox update to version 2.0, creative professionals now have even more functions at their disposal to solve everyday tasks in Photoshop quickly and professionally.

Press Release - 0.1 MB Press Kit - 16.3 MB

The most important tools for a professional image editing process


20 photo and video plugins as well as standalone tools unlock new possibilities in image editing
In this innovative software suite, photographers, graphic designers and video producers will find 20 powerful standalone tools and outstanding plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects as well as Final Cut Pro X.

Press Release - 0.1 MB Press Kit - 14 MB

Overlays for Lightroom - 20 unique lens flare effects


Creating Creative Light Moments in Lightroom
This impressive set of 20 different lens flares, captured with selected lenses such as an old Leica/Leitz Summicron-R 50mm f2, promises photographers and creatives a whole new dimension when working with Lightroom.

Press Release - 2 MB Press Kit - 22.2 MB

Master Match - A new, Versatile Color Matching System


Camera Matching | Color Calibration | Color Grading
Picture Instruments releases MASTER MATCH, a new and unique approach for color matching stills, video footage and 3d content.

Press Release - 0.19 MB Press Kit - 22.3 MB

New Photoshop Plugin: PiXimperfect Compositing


Simplifies and accelerates the workflow of professional compositing.
There are Photoshop Plugins for almost everything, but until now there has never been a dedicated tool for creating professional composite images.

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The (R)evolution of 3-way Color Correction


Warping Wheels V3 - Innovative Color Grading for Video and Photo
The newly integrated Look Finder promises diverse, high-end looks at the click of a mouse for instant inspiration. For an even more intuitive image editing process, 4 new wheels have been implemented. This feature makes professional color grading possible for anyone, even those with little or no prior experience.

0.15 MB 0.1 MB

New Photoshop Plugin: Trulyscene Artbox


Breakthrough Auto-Painting Plugin for Photoshop
Just four steps between photography and creative digital artwork. Using a unique framework, the Trulyscene Artbox delivers an easy-to-use, quick process to produce high quality artworks from digital images…

0.14 MB 0.98 MB

One FilterPack - All Formats


The first Multi-Platform FilterPack (Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop, Video)
Great news for creatives in photography and videography: Picture Instruments is releasing the first Multi-Platform FilterPack...

0.35 MB 1.9 MB

APF-R Update


Deep Sky Sharpening for Daylight Images
The image results are so convincing that this method is frequently used by the Hubble Space Telescope team, among others...

2.2 MB 1.9 MB

New Lightroom Plugin: Creative Looks


This Plugin creates looks at the push of a button
Now you don’t have to push the controls forever or click endlessly through your own filter library to find the right look for an image...

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New Plugin: APF-R


This method goes far beyond sharpening images
To bring out even the finest details in his deep sky images, successful astrophotographer Christoph Kaltseis has developed a complex image sharpening process in Photoshop...

0.3 MB 1.9 MB

Warping Wheels v2 Plugin Update


New features make Warping Wheels the all in one color grading plugin
The unique features go far beyond simple color wheels and save the time-consuming masking process...

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New PI Toolbox Plugin for Photoshop


6 tools which speed up your everyday Photoshop
Picture Instruments develops a separate module for each of the various tasks that creative people have to solve in Photoshop every day, thereby allowing them to achieve the goal quickly and professionally.

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Docma Freistellen (Remove Background) Plugin for Photoshop


Now also as a UXP plugin
With the Docma Freistellen plugin you benefit from Olaf's years of experience in removing backgrounds in Photoshop. Olaf is the editor of the Photoshop expert magazine Docma for years and is confronted with this topic almost every day...

0.1 MB 0.3 MB

3 new Lightroom Plugins


Preset Adjust - Skin Tone Adjust - Section Adjust
Two of the three different Lightroom plugins from Picture Instruments help you to adjust the current Lightroom settings or presets to your own images in a matter of seconds and the third plugin is specialized in the adjustment of skin tones.

0.8 MB 4.6 MB

LUT Mixer v2.1 Update


Preserve Skin Tones from LUTs
LUT Mixer is the "must have" for working with LUTs! Now with revolutionary skin tone protection and a maximum intensity of 150% for all LUTs...

0.3 MB 1.2 MB

Color Cone v2.3 Update (Standalone & Plugin)


Now with Skin Tone Protection and Auto Radius features!
In Version 2.3 the plugin now has the same controls as the standalone version (including Contrast, Chroma and Luminance controls)...

2.1 MB 1.5 MB

New Plugin: Warping Wheels


The 1st Color Wheels with Skin Tone Protection
With Warping Wheels Picture Instruments reinvented the color wheels. Advanced skin tone functions protect skintones from unwanted color tints...

2.2 MB 1.4 MB

New Software: Preset Converter


Convert Lightroom into Capture One Styles
With Preset Converter any number of Lightroom presets can be converted into Capture One styles or into Capture One Stylepacks...

2.6 MB 1.8 MB

LUT Mixer Premiere & After Effects + FCPX Plugin


The new "must have" for working with LUTs
LUT Mixer lets you combine up to five LUTs and apply them to an image simultaneously. You can determine for each individual LUT whether it is processed summed or averaged...

2.2 MB 1.4 MB

New Software: Image 2 LUT


Create Hollywood-like looks via Copy & Paste
It has never been easier to create appealing film-looks. After Picture Instruments have raised the bar with their especially developed Color Warp Technology in their software Color Cone and have shown that there still is headroom when it comes to quality in color grading, they now introduce a tool which enables even the beginner to create highly professional looks. But that does not mean that this tool is only meant for beginners - quite the opposite is the case...

2 MB 1.2 MB

With Color Cone version 2 comes the first plugin


The wait for Color Cone version 2 has paid off twice over. Not only have color management, ICC-profile support and a very useful undo/redo feature been added to the software; Color Cone is also the first Picture Instruments tool available as an Adobe Premiere and After Effects plugin. The plugin version supports keyframes so that all color settings in Color Cone can be automated over time...

3 MB 2 MB

Mask Integrator & Chroma Mask Update


The latest Mask Integrator and Chroma Mask update has taken a while but the new version 2 really took it up a notch. Not only have we cleaned up the new GUI and made it look more modern - for the first time it is also available in multiple languages. For quick help we have implemented tooltips for every function. They appear when you let the mouse hover above it for two seconds. Basic & Pro: Version 2 will be split into a basic and a pro version for the first time...

0.5 MB 0.5 MB

The new version of Smart GPS Sync supports .gpx tracks


Apart from a multi-lingual user interface (German/English) Picture Instruments' Smart GPS Sync now offers the possibility of syncing GPX data with images. GPX is an open file format and the most widely used for recording GPS-tracks...

13.2 MB 9.8 MB

Sort 'n' Rename Version 2


The user interface has been upgraded and is now available in several languages for the first time. Depending of the default language of the operating system, Sort 'n' Rename will open in English or German. The language can also be changed manually in the settings.

Apart from the fact that presets can now be saved as a local file and...

2.8 MB 2 MB

Increase sales by using interactive rotating objects


360 Webspin generates interactive spinning objects for websites. The use of product photos for online shops is rapidly increasing. More and more online shops focus on interactive 360° views of their products. In the past, however, it has not been very easy to turn finished turntable pictures into an interactive and easy-to-handle rotating object on a webpage. To simplify this workflow, Picture Instruments has now released the software 360 Webspin...

2 MB 1.3 MB

Chroma keying for photographers


Chroma Mask automatically replaces green, blue or red backgrounds while shooting. While most existing solutions for replacement of a colored background are directed at video...

2 MB 1.3 MB

Picture Instruments is releasing an innovative tool for transfering GPS tags to photos


There are many tools that can add GPS data to photos. But "Smart GPS Sync" is the first one, which makes it very easy to transfer GPS tags from one photo to another or even to another batch of photos...

1.9 MB 1.2 MB

Picture Instruments is releasing a revolutionary
color-editing tool


Photoshop and co let you undoubtedly do quite a lot and the 3-way color correction of most video editing software offers a lot of possibilities. Yet the newly developed software Color Cone allows for much finer and more individual adjustments. In addition Color Cone is a very intuitive software and thanks to the specially designed Color Warp technology it is able to deliver very harmonious results...

2.3 MB 1.5 MB

Adjust wrong recording times in EXIF tags with Time Fix


Being faced with the wrong camera time setting can be a nuisance in several ways. Be it because your holiday pictures end up having the wrong date or because the time is incorrect due to a wrong time zone...

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Sort´n´Rename is the most flexible solution for file renaming


More and more photos are created every day. Returning from vacation or an event you have hundreds of pictures from more than one camera and smartphone photos on top. How to sort and navigate through all these pictures? A good archive starts with speaking file names. This helps as well to find images via OS search tools. Also, speaking filenames provide a good overview in list views and avoid mix-ups. But how to rename that many pictures without making this a years task?....

1.8 MB 1.2 MB

Look Converter breaks the barriers of working with 3D LUTs


Look Converter by Picture Instruments opens completely new dimensions for working with looks. Working with 3D LUTs (Lookup Tables) becomes increasingly more popular. If you have already adjusted your workflow, Look Converter now offers you all possibilities for creating and copying Looks from all image-processing programs. For all of those who have not yet worked with 3D Lookup Tables: 3D Lookup Tables are tables that assign any existing color value in a particular image to another color value. The resulting value can differ completely in brightness, saturation and color value from the original. As a result, all looks like sepia, retro or black and white effects can be saved in a very small file (in the form of a table)...

2 MB 1.3 MB

Individual Looks for Photos und Videos


There are numerous programms offering creative filters for photos and videos. However, most are limited in both - their number of filters as well as in their application. Unlimited Filters – as the name already indicates – eliminates these limitations. The innovative filter tool helps with fast and creative photo editing and supports photographers as well as – and this is quite unique – videographers with consistent development and application of their individual look. Easy handling and the option to add individually developed filters, including trendsetting LUT-files, into Photoshop, Final Cut, After Effects or Premiere provides photographers with nearly endless possibilities in their creative work with filters...

0.56 MB 2.8 MB

Automatically extract complex objects


Extracting images of products and individuals is generally rather time-consuming and thus very costly. The hours a photographer spends in front of his PC cannot be used to make more money with more photo shoots. What if creating clipping masks could be integrated into the workflow of the shoot, making any post-processing unnecessary? To make this dream many professional photographers have come true, two things are needed...

0.4 MB 3.5 MB