Mask Integrator

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The most important features in Mask Integrator

  • Automated detection and loading of new images if the camera directly loads them into the computer
  • The mask can be optimized by adjusting the black and white point
  • Automatic removal of shading elements at the edge of the image
  • Mask correction brushes
  • Preview of the masked image in front of a white, black, transparent or any other background
  • Scaling and positioning of the mask in front of a background image
  • Corrections in position, scale and adjustments of the mask can be applied automatically to new images upon opening them
  • Color correction and creative looks through 3D LUTs
  • Fine tuning between image and mask (especially for Freemask and Freemask 1000)
  • Save a masked image or a folder full of masked images with one simple click of a button.

Background removal while taking photos

Mask Integrator masks and crops subjects automatically during a photo shot. Two shots will be necessary for every subject: the regularly lit subject and a backlight version of it. The following photographic setups have been useful for switching between lighting situations in the past:

  • Picture Instruments 360° Photo Systems and 360°Car Studios
  • Freemask or Freemask 1000 by Hensel
  • Other systems which are able to switch between two flash or lighting groups (regular lighting and backlighting)
  • Manual switch between the two flash or lighting groups (please note that this is only applicable for static objects)

Once the system has been set up it only takes seconds to create cropping masks for even the most complex of subjects. While the usual Freemask technique is limited by the cameras consecutive shooting frame rate and therefore limits the models in their movements, Freemask 1000 and Mask Integrator can freeze and subsequently automatically mask and crop even blowing hair.

Preferred applications for Mask Integrator:

  • Very fast masking of even the most complex subjects
  • Consistent product photos in front of pure white
  • Shooting a subject for another background (compositing)
  • Motto Shoots

Target group:

  • Product photographers
  • People photographers
  • Online-Shops
  • All users of Hensel Freemask, Freemask 1000 or similar systems

How does the Pro version differ?

Mask Integrator is also part of our product photography systems. In these systems, Mask Integrator can be controlled externally via our Serial Shot control software and can also return metadata and other information to Serial Shot, e.g. when a cropping process is complete. All communication features between Mask Integrator and other Picture Instruments software are reserved for the Pro version. In addition, both versions offer the same range of functions.

Masking with backlight advantages compared to chroma keying

  • Extremely fine details like fur or hair can be masked better using backlight photography.
  • A backlit image usually has a better contrast than a single color channel and therefore allows for softer transitions at the edges or when using semi-transparent materials.

Software for:

From $598
+ VAT if applicable