Version History

New in version 2.0.10

  • Improved license regognition in offline mode
  • Minor bugfixes

New in version 2.0.9

  • Support for transparencies in background images
  • Minor bugfixes

New in version 2.0.0

  • Color management and ICC-profile support
  • PRO: Automatic save (immediately after loading or just before loading a new image)
  • PRO: Individual brush masks can optional be adopted to a new image
  • Opacity control of semitransparent areas (mid slider at the black and white point histogram)
  • LUT intensity control
  • Individually memorize possibly loaded background image including blur factor and LUT as well as the position and scale factor of the foreground image related to the background image, for each image
  • PNG compression control
  • Support for additional image file formats
  • Faster image calculation algorithms
  • Navigator area can be collapsed
  • Adjustable mouse wheel sensitivity
  • Multilingual user interface with tooltips
  • Retina display support on Windows 10
  • Minor bugfixes

In the Media

Digit! 02 2014 Mask Integrator Mask Integrator

Digit! 02 2014 (DE)

Profi Foto 1-2 2014 Mask Integrator Mask Integrator

Profi Foto 1-2 2014 (DE)

Photoshop Magazin 01 2014 Mask Integrator Mask Integrator

Photoshop Magazin 01 2014 (DE)

Customer Reviews

Manfred Baumann


"Mask Integrator is a time saving aid for every photographer, especially for me. I have an ambitious amount of photo shoots and it is vital that by editing quickly and easily the post production is as short as possible. This gives me more time for the actual shoot."

Mayk Azzato


"In many cases we have to extract models and celebrities during the shoot and under time pressure. The Freemask system in combination with the Mask Integrator makes our workflow much easier and gives us great results quickly."

Christian Kuhlmann

Diplomdesigner - 5 Gänge

"While Hensels Freemask system was already groundbreaking, its software based enhancement through Picture Instruments' Mask Integrator isn't just logical and consistent but it gives it that little something. Being able to show the customer a perfect extraction in front of a new background in advance by means of the live-view saves a lot of discussions and lowers the blood pressure. '…I can't imagine that…' is now a thing of the past."

Jarmo Pohjaniemi

Shoot The Centerfold Inc.

"Mask Integrator is one of the best new masking programs available, for any photographer, who needs an easy masking program to complete fast and challenging tasks. I did not realize first how powerful and easy to use interface can do the same task as programs than cost 10 times and more."

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