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Version History

CEP Version 1.8

  • Compatible with Photoshop CC2021 (v22)

UXP Version 1.0.1

  • Official release version

CEP Version 1.6

  • UI translations English
  • 1-Click Background Removal
  • Object Selection (Rectangle)
  • Object Selection (Lasso)
  • Small improvements and bugfixes
  • Added verion number in footer

CEP Version 1.4

  • Further improvements for license key retention.

CEP Version 1.3

  • License Keys changed to a shorter version
  • The location where the license key will be stored changed to a path where Photoshop ist not able to remove it anymore

CEP Version 1.1

  • The video tutorial button works now.
  • The dodge & burn correction (contrast section) as well as the brushes for fur and hair have now the right size even when the ruler is not set to pixel.
  • Improvements in the activation process

CEP Version 1.0.0

  • Official release version


UXP Plugin or CEP Panel/Extension for Photoshop?

If you use Photoshop version 22 or higher, you can buy Docma Freistellen as a UXP plugin directly from the marketplace in the Creative Cloud Desktop App and install and manage the plugin directly in Photoshop. If you work with Photoshop CC 2019 or newer, you can continue to use the CEP version of Docma Freistellen, which you can obtain from our online shop as before. Learn more about the new Adobe UXP technology here.

Background Removal in Photoshop has never been easier

This plugin changes your background removal workflow deeply

Photoshop's background removal functions are powerful, but often require in-depth knowledge to use them purposefully. Furthermore you loose valuable time searching functions that you rarely use. Photoshop luminary Olaf Giermann had many ideas to solve these problems so we started a cooperation with him and Docma, Germany's leading Photoshop magazine. We developed the Docma Freistellen plugin togehther so you don't have to struggle with background removals anymore.

The concentrated knowledge of Photoshop expert Olaf Giermann

With the Docma Freistellen plugin you benefit from Olaf's years of experience in removing backgrounds in Photoshop. Olaf is the editor of the Photoshop expert magazine Docma for years and is confronted with this topic almost every day. Regardless of whether you need to remove the background for advertising photography or fantastic digital art is your passion, with Docma Freistellen we have developed a tool that makes background removal in Photoshop easier than ever. Even if you are already a pro the Docma Freistellen plugin will accelerate your workflow and you won't want to work without the plugin after a short period of use. Docma Freistellen is designed to have quick access to all the necessary functions and tools for selecting and masking with just one click. So you can easily switch back and forth between the useful tools. From the standard tools in the basic area, to complex channel calculations, to fur and hair brushes, with which you can easily paint over areas without contrast. Everything is in this plugin!

Free video series for background removal in Photoshop

Olaf Giermann's detailed tutorials on background removal in Photoshop are really worth seeing. Even if you don't work with our plugin, you benefit from Olaf's in-depth know-how and can certainly learn a lot. The videos are available for free here on the Docma Freistellen product page under "tutorials".

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