Version History

UXP Version 2.1.0

  • Activation via my Picture Instruments

UXP Version 2.0.0

Customizable interface
  • Turn off button text
  • Panel categories can be folded in and out individually or hidden completely via the settings
New workflow functions
  • Paste layer from clipboard (copied from browser, file from hard disk etc.); via Alt: remove background simultaneously
  • Duplicate layer; via Alt: duplicate into new document
  • Convert to smart object; via Alt: smart object by copy; via Ctrl/Cmd: convert selected layers individually to smart objects
  • Convert smart object to layers
Auxiliary views
  • Customizable colored auxiliary layers
  • Create additional color layers via Alt-Key, previous ones are renamed and can no longer be changed by the plug-in
  • Alternative to auxiliary layers: Change transparency settings
  • Size checkerboard pattern
  • Four user settings for colors
  • Layer isolation to show selected layers on transparency. More layers can be added and shown/hidden and another click returns to the previous view
Improved one-click background removal
  • Now you can directly specify and see if the masking should be done locally or via Adobe Cloud
  • "Mask all objects" function. Unlike through Photoshop, a layer copy can optionally be copied to each masking group at the same time
Advanced masking tools
  • Reduce mask step by step
  • Gradually soften mask edge
  • More prominent "Select and Mask" button
  • Mask in extra window is now available under Basics and Contrast
  • Activate/deactivate, delete or apply mask
Contrast masking
  • Six new, high-contrast modes for contrast-based masking
  • Smudge tool presets for mask refinement in three sizes and two thicknesses

UXP Version 1.0.2

  • Bug fixes and visual improvements

UXP Version 1.0.1

  • Official UXP release version (conversion from CEP)

CEP Version 1.6 (no longer supported)

  • UI translations English
  • 1-Click Background Removal
  • Object Selection (Rectangle)
  • Object Selection (Lasso)
  • Small improvements and bugfixes
  • Added verion number in footer

CEP Version 1.4

  • Further improvements for license key retention.

CEP Version 1.3

  • License Keys changed to a shorter version
  • The location where the license key will be stored changed to a path where Photoshop ist not able to remove it anymore

CEP Version 1.1

  • The video tutorial button works now.
  • The dodge & burn correction (contrast section) as well as the brushes for fur and hair have now the right size even when the ruler is not set to pixel.
  • Improvements in the activation process

CEP Version 1.0.0

  • Official release version