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Customer reviews

Dirk Böttger

Fotoakademie Niederrhein

"At the end of the workshops and most of all the photo travels of the "Fotoakademie Niederrhein" often a photo book with the pictures of the participants will be produced. Having all the pictures in chronological order dramatically facilitates the design of such a book. But: Small mistake, big effect - camera clocks out of sync or in the wrong timezone make sorting the images a big task to complete. Time Fix can help you out of this with just a few clicks."

Michael Quack

Photographer Visual Pursuit

"Multi camera setups can finally be time synced even if camera clocks have not been synced before."

Version History

New in version 2.0.4

  • Canon .cr3 RAW is now supported
  • Minor bugfixes

New in version 2.0.2

  • Multilingual user interface with tooltips
  • Retina Display Support on Windows 10
  • Set recording dates before 1972 (only EXIF, not file system)
  • Writes the time zone of the operating system when no further information is available
  • Fixed: Some RAW files does not show any recording date
  • Minor bugfixes

Time Fix - Video Tutorials

Time Fix - Introduction