Fast Resize

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Perhaps the fastest way to scale images

One image can be scaled quickly, but if you want to scale multiple images, it's a lot more work. Need to send a folder of images to a client? Then Fast Resize is the salvation: Just drag some images or the whole folder onto the program icon and the folder with the resized images will open automatically. Then you can drag the images into an email program without any further step. If you used the default settings of Fast Resize when scaling the images, you can easily send 20 of these images in one email with most email providers.

Multiple scaling options for maximum flexibility

In addition to the default settings you can also manually set your scaling options in the software. You can select a fixed output size in pixels or in percent of the original size. The JPEG compression factor can manually be set between 0 and 100% quality. In addition you can also add an individual file name extension, which will be added to each scaled image. In addition to a random character string you can also add various attributes of the scaled image in angle brackets. <longedge> for example represents the length of the long edge of the image in pixels. The string x<longedge> would add the extension x1500 to an image with the size of 1000x1500 pixels. You can find all available attributes in the help section in Fast Resize.

Supported File Formats

png , jpg , jpeg , jif , jpe , gif , bmp , tif , tiff , psd , tga , targa , jp2 , j2k , j2c , ico , hdr , cut , dds , exr , g3 , iff , lbm , jng , jxr , wdp , hdp , koa , mng , pbm , pcd , pcx , pfm , pgm , pct , pict , pic , ppm , ras , sgi , wap , wbmp , wbm , webp , xbm , xpm

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