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Car Turntables

Car Turntables for Dealerships, Retailers, Car Shows, Showrooms and Photo Studios

The turning platform with a height of only 56 mm is the heart of the Picture Instruments 360° Car Studio. The car rotating plate is installed on the existing floor with no need for excavation. In addition to the use for photographic purposes, our turntable can also be used for other purposes.

Possible uses for the car turntable

  • The Picture Instruments Car Studio
  • For showcasing cars in store windows
  • The presentation of cars at auto fairs and classic car auctions
  • Installation in car garages and workshops
  • For precise movement and positioning
  • For the presentation of cars and motorcycles in showrooms and museums

Technical data

  • Overall height: 56 mm (2,2 inch)
  • Diameter: 500 cm (197 inch - other dimensions on request)
  • Load capacity max.: 4000 kg (8818 lb)
  • Material: Stainless steel and plywood topping
  • Motor: 3 phase induction (3 x 220V/2A/120W)
  • Time per revolution: 1 revolution/90 seconds to 1 revolution/hour

Electric requirements:

  • Voltage: 110 - 240V
  • Power consumption: 4A
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Driveway ramp and optional surrounding plattform

To drive on the turntalbe a flat ramp is required which we deliver in a galvanized steel design. Thanks to the height of only 56 mm (2,2 inch) and the rather flat angle of the ramp, it is no problem to drive onto the turntable even for lowered sports cars. As a practical addition to our car turning plates, we also recommend a platform around the turntable that enables a uniform working height.

Car presentation with turntable

The turntable is free standing and fixed on the floor. It can also be embedded in the ground if desired. The substructure of the rotating platform consists of several layers (rubber, stainless steel plates), which are supported by special track rollers. The surface is made of coated plywood, which can be provided with individual floor coverings on request. The turntable is driven by a toothed belt, which is driven by a 3-phase induction motor located outside the turntable.

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