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360° Car Studio

Consistent photos and videos for online car dealerships

With a Picture Instruments 360° car studio, the time-consuming and cost-intensive process of pre-owned car photography can be automated, resulting in pre-owned car images of the highest quality. The studio can be flexibly adapted to the different needs of car dealers. It can be installed on the existing hall floor, where the new and pre-owned cars are processed and prepared for sale. This means that consistent, high-quality image results can always be delivered, regardless of external circumstances such as weather and lighting conditions, the surroundings or the background of the subject. By using a 360° rotating platform, the same perspectives can easily be photographed car by car and the clean light tent all around makes the pre-owned cars look shiny and as good as new.

High-quality daylight LEDs

The lighting in the Picture Instruments Auto Photo Studio is so brilliant that high-gloss photos and videos can be produced with any camera. In addition to the automated process with DSLRs, a clip can also be quickly shot for social media.

Automated car photography

Our solutions are as flexible as the circumstances at vehicle dealerships are individual. From the installation of a revolving stage in an existing room to a complete light tent studio, from background removal using a green screen to AI background removal.

The automated car photography workflow

As soon as the vehicle has entered the car studio, you enter the chassis number and start the process.

Our user-friendly software for Windows and Mac controls the motorized turntable and LED light tent for optimal photo and video capture.

While the system is taking photos or videos and transferring them to the computer, you can already view the results. Once all the perspectives have been captured, you complete the process and automatic post-processing begins while you start the workflow for the next car.

360° car studio for in-house automotive photography

  • Productive

  • Fast time-to-market cycle: the vehicles can be photographed immediately after preparation and put online for sale
  • Swap backgrounds already in the photography process
  • Configurable workflow for consistent and color-accurate image results
  • Automatic output formats from marketplace to print
  • Automatic upload directly after the photography process
  • Easy

  • Intensive training and support
  • Comprehensive video tutorials
  • Workflow tailored to automotive photography
  • Automated 360° video recordings (optional)
  • 1-click 360° Exterior and 1-click 360° Interior (with Ricoh Theta)
  • 5.6 cm flat revolving platform can be installed on the existing hall floor
  • Versatile

  • Interactive 360° exterior and interior shots
  • Connection of almost all tethering-capable cameras (e.g. Canon, Nikon, Sony)
  • Presets for interior, exterior and video
  • Customized recording sequences
  • Customization of hardware and software on request

Software Features

  • Photography

  • Synchronized camera and turntable control with individual sequences
  • Camera presets for consistent results
  • Individual lighting scenes for photos, videos and detail images
  • Lighting groups for intuitive lighting control
  • Light presets for reproducible results
  • Background removal

  • Automatic background removal during the photography process
  • Precise background removal above the ground using the backlight method, fast background removal above the ground using green screen or complete removal vehicles using AI
  • Brush and polygon lasso tools for minor corrections
  • Functions for controlling and monitoring the background removal
  • Post-processing

  • Flexible renaming and easy archiving
  • Crop, scale, fit, rotate, mirror and anti-wobble
  • Individual background, watermark and color correction
  • Artificial shadow
  • Multiple processing with different output formats for all platforms
  • FTP Upload
  • EXIF support for copyright and metadata

Optional Features

  • Hardware

  • Floor covering for revolving stage according to customer requirements
  • Extra LEDs for faster shutter speeds and a more homogeneous background
  • Swivel-in or fixed camera arm
  • Longer entrance tunnel for more light reflections
  • Illuminated entrance gate
  • Larger diameter of turntable and light tent
  • Software

  • Extended metadata for more flexibility in automatic post-processing
  • Synchronous camera and turntable control for 360° videos
  • Hotspots in 360° views
  • Analytics functions for interactive 360° views
  • Customized AI solutions and functions
  • Optional API control of external software
  • Support

  • Ongoing second-level support
  • Monitor and camera calibration for color-accurate work
  • Advanced camera technique training for beginners
  • Setup of individual output formats for marketplaces and social media

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the system compatible with different camera types?

In general, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic cameras are compatible. Contact us to find out whether your camera model is supported.

Which operating system does the software run on?

Windows and Mac OS, if you want to use an older version, please contact us to see if it is compatible.

Do you need in-depth knowledge of photography?

You don't have to be an expert, but a basic understanding of your camera would be an advantage.

Are training courses or instructions available?

We provide intensive training and detailed video tutorials.

Do I need a subscription for the software?

The Car Studio includes a permanent software license and one year of free updates after purchase. For updates beyond the first year, you can choose between a one-time payment and a subscription.

How can 360° car photos be displayed in the online store?

Our software can automatically generate interactive 360° objects directly after taking the photo, which you can integrate into your website and marketplaces.

Can the system be adapted to individual requirements?

Yes, our modular systems can be adapted to different needs, we look forward to your request.

Can I check the photo systems or view them during operation?

Please contact us to arrange a one-to-one product demo.

Can I edit and retouch the images in the software?

Standard corrections such as color corrections and camera calibration can be configured in the software. Several tools from basic to advanced are also available to improve the mask. If you also want to retouch your images, we recommend using our connected retouching service.

How many shots can you take in an hour?

The speed depends on many factors, such as resolution, camera used, number of images, etc. For example, a 360° rotation with 12 images can be completed in under 2 minutes with the 360° Autostudio. If you organize the process for the detail photos well, they can be shot in another 3 minutes. A 360° interior photo with the Ricoh Theta only takes a few seconds. Further automated post-processing of the images and uploading then run in the background while the next car is photographed.

Who is the 360° Car Studio built for?

On average, a dedicated 360° light tent studio pays off for all car dealers with a throughput of 20 or more vehicles per week. Smaller structures or the installation of a revolving stage in an existing room are worthwhile even with a lower throughput. The purchase can also pay for itself more quickly for dealers with particularly high-priced vehicles.

Who is already working with a Picture Instruments photo system?

Even if there are different devices for different industries and products, the core of all systems, our modular software, is always the same. It maps the entire workflow, controls cameras, light and turntables and takes care of automatic post-processing. Depending on the industry and individual requirements, more or fewer modules are used or we develop a customized system according to the customer's wishes. The following customers use Picture Instruments software and/or hardware:

*Excerpt from our customer list

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