Smart GPS Sync

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This software

  • Transfers the GPS data from one photo to any number of photos.
  • Writes latitude and longitude information directly into the EXIF data of photos (even for RAWs which means that NO separate XMP file is created).
  • Enables Geotagging with or without GPS logger.
  • Is able to remove GPS information from photos.
  • Simple transfer of GPS-data from a .gpx file to any number of photos.*
  • Recognises tracks and waypoints in .gpx files.*

GPS tags in your photos without GPS logger

If you take a picture with your smartphone that contains GPS information, you can simply transfer it to all photos from your camera at a later time with Smart GPS Sync. If you don't have a photo with GPS data at hand, you can simply copy the latitude and longitude from Google Maps or Bing Maps into the fields provided and transfer them to an entire batch of images at once. Especially if you don't change locations all the time, like at events or for "on-location" photography, this method can be a great relief. Smart GPS Sync is also very helpful if you want to occasionally add geodata to an image.

Automatically note the GPS data of the most beautiful spots

If you are on a photo trip you can conveniently have a GPS-logger run along (for instance in a smartphone or in an outdoor GPS device) and record a .gpx track. In the evening you can simply load the .gpx file as well as all photos of the day into Smart GPS Sync and the software will add the corresponding GPS information into every single photo.*

Supported File Formats

3g2 , 3gp , 3gp2 , 3gpp , aax , ai , ait , apng , arw , ciff , cr2 , crw , cs1 , dcp , dng , dr4 , dvb , eps , eps2 , eps3 , epsf , erf , exif , exv , f4a , f4b , f4p , f4v , fff , flif , gif , hdp , icc , icm , iiq , ind , indd , indt , inx , j2k , jng , jp2 , jpe , jpeg , jpf , jpg , jpm , jpx , jxr , m4a , m4b , m4p , m4v , mef , mie , mng , mos , mov , mp4 , mpo , mqv , mrw , nef , nrw , orf , pbm , pdf , pef , pgm , png , ppm , ps , ps2 , ps3 , psb , psd , psdt , qt , raf , raw , rw2 , rwl , sr2 , srw , thm , tif , tiff , vrd , wdp , x3f , xmp

* The GPX sync feature is only available in version 2 (pro). Owner of a version 1 (basic) license can buy the upgrade for using the GPX sync feature. Alternatively V1 owner can use the V2 as a basic version without the GPX feature by just installing the V2 application.

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