Mask Integrator Webinar Recording from June 4th, 2020

With this episode we start a webinar series related to E-Commerce-Photography. Subsequent to each live session we release the respective episode here in our blog as well as on our YouTube channel. Within our webinars we follow the motto "no questions are stupid". To let the question and answer session take place in a private atmosphere we cut the recording after the first part of the webinar. Enjoy watching!

Webinar Topics:

1. Position of the Window when closing Software
2. Transparency Pattern in the Background
3. Fallback-Brush
4. Detect Newcomer with Autosave

5. Stain Remover
6. Mask Smoothing
7. Object Rotation by Value
8. Artificial Shadows (Beta)

Mask Integrator - The Software for Background Removal

Mask Integrator is the first software in the world for automatic background removal with luminace masking while shooting. Thorsten Schoepe is the inventor of the Hensel Freemask technology and he brought us to the idea for our software Mask Integrator. With the freemask technology it was easy to create couples of images including a luminance mask but the post processing for every single product image was a lot of hassle. In more than six years we were able to further develop the software through our own ideas and collaborations, so today we are able to offer product photography systems including 360° photography with background removal, post processing and unique upload features.

Product photography or more precisely e-commerce photography is a very complex topic. We are certain that the purchase of a camera and the software and hardware is not enough. For us, professional advice, competent training and education are also essentials.

We believe that common exchange is an added value for both our customers and us. The webinar format enables to discover and discuss new features and possibilities. In this episode we are talking about the numerous Mask Integrator functions, new features and our Product Photography Systems together with other photographers. This way the full potential of our software for product photography can be exploited quickly so you can achieve high-quality results in no time.

Mask Integrator

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