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360° Revolving Stages

Car turntables for car dealerships, dealerships, car shows, showrooms and photo studios

Our car turntable is only 5.6 cm high and is the centerpiece of our Picture Instruments 360° car photo studio. It can be installed on the existing hall floor or, for those who prefer a seamless look, the turntable can of course be embedded in the hall floor. We will of course provide a template for the screed work. In addition to its use for photographic purposes, the car turntable can also be used for other purposes. For example, for turning the vehicle in the garage or in the showroom.

The core of the car studios

Long tried and tested in numerous car photo studios, the revolving stage provides its services day after day for our customers, such as Autohero, Porsche or Ford. If you already have a studio or at least a free space, you should expand it with a revolving stage, which is the most important step towards automating the photo process.

Not just for motorcycles

Our revolving platform is available in different sizes. The 3-meter version, which is used in our motorcycle studio, for example, is also ideal for all other large and heavy objects, such as furniture, car accessories or bicycles.

Access ramp or all-round floor platform

A flat access ramp is required to access the car turntable. For this purpose, we offer an access ramp made of galvanized steel that matches the turntable exactly. Thanks to the height of only 5.6 cm and the resulting flat angle of the access ramp, it is no problem even for lowered sports cars to drive onto the turntable. For a level appearance without tearing up the floor, we recommend a surrounding floor platform.

The car turntable is free-standing and is fixed to the floor. However, the car turntable can also be embedded in the floor if desired. The substructure of the turntable consists of several layers (rubber, stainless steel plates), which are supported by special rollers. The surface is made of stable screen printing plates, which can be fitted with individual floor coverings on request. The turntable is driven by a circulating toothed belt, which is driven by a three-phase induction motor located outside the turntable.

Software control

Our turntables integrate into the control software of our automated product photography systems. This means that photo and video cameras can be triggered synchronously with the turntable and numerous options are available for further image processing. More information on the pages of our car photo studios and e-commerce software.

Technical data of the revolving stage

  • Total height: 5.6 cm
  • Diameter: 300 or 500 cm (other sizes on request)
  • Max. Load: 4,000 kg
  • Material: Stainless steel and screen printing plates
  • Motor: Three-phase induction
    (3 x 220 or 110V / 2 or 4 A / 120W)
  • Rotation time: 1 rotation/90 seconds to 1 rotation/hour

Optional Features

  • Hardware

  • Circumferential access ramp
  • Circumferential floor platform at the height of the turntable
  • Customized floor platform for your hall
  • Floor covering according to customer requirements
  • Software

  • Camera control (photo & video)
  • Background removal using AI
  • Post-processing and format adjustments
  • Player for interactive 360° views
  • API for external control
  • Support

  • Monitor and camera calibration for color-accurate work
  • Advanced camera technology training for beginners
  • Setup of individual output formats for marketplaces and social media

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the system compatible with different camera types?

There is a socket on the control unit of the turntable that can be connected to any remote camera release. If you would also like to use our complete software photography workflow so that the images are also automatically transferred to your computer, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic cameras are generally compatible. Contact us to find out whether your specific camera model is supported.

Which operating system does the software run on?

Windows and Mac OS, if you want to use an older version, please contact us to see if it is compatible.

Are training courses or instructions available for the control software?

We provide intensive training and detailed video tutorials.

Do I need a subscription for the software?

The Revolving Stage includes a permanent software license and one year of free updates after purchase. For updates beyond the first year, you can choose between a one-time payment and a subscription.

Can the system be adapted to individual requirements?

Yes, our revoling stages can be adapted to different needs, we look forward to your request.

Can I check revoling stages or view them during operation?

Please contact us to arrange a one-to-one product demo.

Who is a 360° revolving stage suitable for?

  • For car dealers who want to automate their photo studio
  • For vehicle presentation in the showroom or shop window
  • For installation in car garages and service stations
  • For turning cars in narrow passages
  • For the presentation of cars and motorcycles in showrooms and museums

Who has Picture Instruments turntables in use?

The revolving stage is used in our light tent car studios as well as in individual photo and video studios. The following customers use 360° car photo studios or our software-controlled revolving stage in their own studios:

*Excerpt from our customer list

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you

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