Is an automated photo system worth the investment?

3 Arguments for Product Photography Machines

It is not uncommon for product photographers to have to shoot, edit, retouch and prepare 500 pieces for web upload in a matter of days. This is a significant challenge for even the most experienced photographer and marketing departments. Can an automated product photography system deliver high volume and high quality? Is investing in dedicated hardware and software worth it? In this article we explain 3 arguments for automating your visual content capture process.

1. The requirements for product photos are constantly evolving
When customers visit an online store they expect a wide range of information to help with a purchase decision. Some of this info is text based like product descriptions and technical data but the majority of what shoppers demand is visual content. This includes product photos highlighting the most important selling points, high resolution product videos and, most recently, interactive tours that allow shoppers to see a product from every angle. At the same time, sellers want to expose audiences to their brands and products on social media. Photos and videos must be available for this use and can be repurposed for newsletters and other marketing channels. In addition to the capture process, there are challenges around publication and uploading. Online marketplaces from Amazon to Zalando have many specific requirements for product photos. Because the resolutions, aspect ratios and file types differ from platform to platform, photographers often get stuck performing repetitive tasks to ensure compliance. On some marketplaces, even rankings and search results can be influenced by the images provided. Only the automation of the entire photography process can prevent an explosion of employee and outsourcing costs while maximizing exposure.

2. Reduce costs and increase productivity
Whether capturing photos or video, a Picture Instruments product photography system allows footage for hundreds of products to be created in-house quickly. Our easy-to-use hardware and software enables the production of consistent product images saving outsourcing costs and reducing post-processing manual tasks. Our product photography systems are tailored to individual needs and make it possible to put any product in the right light. We focus equally on quality and predictable productivity. Our systems automate product photography so that even one operator can handle high volumes without stress. We offer intensive consulting and a solution for every product from accessories and fashion to tools, vehicles and furniture.

3. Integrated retouching service
The photos and video from our product photography systems meet the highest standards. With color balanced lighting, seamless backgrounds and professional camera integration, the results are guaranteed. However, products often have small defects and blemishes. Be it the glue seam on a shoe, lint that can be seen even after cleaning or small scratches caused by transport, these blemishes can be distracting. If you want perfect product photos, professional retouching is a must. The retouching service integrated in all Picture Instruments product photography systems checks and corrects images quickly and reliably so that as little time as possible passes between taking the photo and getting the product online. Even the manual back-sorting and conversion into different formats is done automatically by our software and retouchers. There is no easier way to ensure consistency across even the largest product catalogs.

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Only have small quantities? Not sure buying a system will pay off?
Good news, we will capture all of your visual content for you. Get that extra kick for your sales with interactive 360°, perfect images and appealing product video. Your online shop and marketplace will wow visitors and new customers will be drawn in with unique social media clips. We offer a wide range of services at different price points for products as small as SD cards and as large as an SUV.

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